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Overweight vehicles, water, flaws in construction and excessive traffic cause potholes to form over time. It will start off as little as a crack in the pavement and over time if unattended, it will worsen to the point a pothole will form. In most cases a lot of the potholes we see around us every day is caused by poor repair work done at some point. The deeper the pothole or crater that is formed, the more damage it will cause making it unsafe and compromising the integrity of the road. 

If potholes are not given immediate attention by having them repaired, the more issues will arise by potentially causing accidents and damage to the vehicles when they drive over the potholes. When you need the job done right and these holes filled properly, call us at Brampton Paving Services to get a FREE no hassle quote! 

No matter the size or shape of the potholes around you, the repair work is the same for all shapes and sizes. We start by controlling the traffic flow with devices such as barricades, cones and signs. We then mark the area in a rectangular shape that needs to be repaired, cutting out that area that needs replacing using a Jack Hammer and pick axe. We then proceed to cleaning out the hole suing an air compressor and getting it ready for tacking which is also knows as glue matter. We then fill it with the premix and compact that mix with a vibrating roller as well using a rake. Once that is completed put a yellow pavement marking all that is left for the team to do is clean up, pack up everything and head on out.

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