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Before proceeding with any repair work that is needed, we take the necessary steps to ensure that the right substance will be used, evaluate the structure of the site, as well as the whole construction procedure.  We perform a thorough analysis on-site to make sure the most suitable of material and procedures are utilized for the specific site construction.

Asphalt has great durability and is used the majority of times for paving roadways and driveway paving. The material that is derived from petroleum and mixed with gravel stones gives it the strength to handle the every day hustle and bustle from lots of vehicles, which helps in reducing the wear and tear you’d normally get. This increases the longevity of the roadway.

There are generally 4 layers to the blacktop structure. You have the AC layer, then there is the sticky layer, as well as the penetration, and then finally the foundation.  Making sure that the right processes are done will help prevent future issues like potholes and the roadway wearing out too fast.

The Correct Steps to Asphalt Paving

1. We remove the old bitumen: We typically remove about 2 inches (5cm) of the older asphalt however, how much of a thickness often depends on the situation and the requirements.  There are many companies in this industry that try and cut corners by not actually removing 2 inches (5cm) and only getting rid of 1.5 (3cm). This 0.5(2cm) inches of new substance that they save on compromises the longevity and durability of the rest of the product installed. It is vital to keep the raw surface dry when exposing it underneath.

2. Laying down the hot bitumen: We make sure to heat up the tarmac before laying it down on the raw trail. It’s extremely important to make sure to set it on evenly. If there is an area that is uneven or missing, we have to make sure to add where it’s needed so it is even everywhere. The temperature is always maintained at 120 degrees Celsius and we make sure to keep the surface a bit higher to prevent any issues of sinking after it is compacted.

3. Compaction process: We have multiple compactors that we use to roll on the new pavement.  We make sure to start the compaction process from the side and move to the middle to avoid any issues like puddles forming, which would happen if you started to compact form the middle. This will form the higher ground in the middle and decrease the durability of the material you lay down. what we achieve with the correct procedure is to have the flow of water to the side and this can be accomplished by repeating the rolling process three to four times in the same area so that it is a well-compacted roadway and one that will last for years to come.

In order for normal traffic to resume after everything has been compacted in and became cold patch asphalt, the temperature must drop or be below 50 degrees Celsius.

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