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While many companies out there do not want to divulge the whole process and what is involved when It comes to paving techniques. At Brampton Paving Services we do not hold anything back. We treat every client like they are family and want our family to feel they can trust us as we will give them the absolute best service!

The whole process is detailed below to know exactly the scope of work we perform when it comes to concrete paving with every project:


General Preparation

– Create a plan for the project

– Before any new project is started, we inspect every piece of equipment that will be used.  This will help to be proactive as well as minimizing any machine failures.  

Preparing the Materials 

– Cement, sand, gravel stones, and steels.

– When choosing cement, it is vital to pick a supplier that complies with the development requirements. Having a good and close relationship with the supplier will ensure you have the supply you need when you need it the most on any given project. 

– With picking sand, our team needs to be vigilant that it matches the job requirement.

– Picking the right size and hardness of the gravel stones is an especially important component of the concrete mix.

– The final component of steel is just as important as the other ones mentioned. Its support is key as it must be durable enough to prevent any bumpiness and any sort of sinking that would compromise the safety of any driver on the road.

Installing Templates

– A must in the industry is ensuring that the templates being installed are balanced properly. The importance of this step is to prevent the templates form twisting during installation.

Mixing Methods

– To maintain a proper mix during transportation for each project, it is important to use the correct percentage for each ingredient.

 Laying, Spreading and Ramming

– Specific molds must be used whenever the mix is being laid out and dispersed.

– When laying and dispersing the mix, the mixture must be poured to specific molds.  If separation occurs during the laying and spreading process, everything needs to be re-mixed again to eliminate the separation issue.

– Once all the above has the correct mix and dispersed, there are special equipment used to help with jolt ramming which is needed for smoothness of the cement.  

Steps for Surfacing

– Broom finishing a concrete surface will ensure to increase the traction of the surface and avoid any traffic vehicle accidents.

– Following the proper process and guidelines will ensure the intervention of vehicles and any pedestrians with the smoothness of the surface and road.

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